Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nothing but net!

Good morrow cyber world!
I woke up to the alert inside me, tempting me to check my phone. I naturally have this alarm clock within me that lets me wake up on my own. I'll never be late, because I guess my body's so used to being organized and on time that i just seem to crack open my eyelids to a new day. This morning, was (i think) my last practice of the season. I dream of playing basketball like Lebron haha, but it will take me some time... Besides I think it's kind of too late to go in that direction anyway. Practice was a pool of sweat, ew. But i can surely say it was worth it. Dad coached me until my feet were sore, literally and i picked up a lot of great pointers; yet again. I'm working on getting the ball to a perfect arch and SWOOSH! Nothing but net...

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