Monday, December 21, 2009

All Control is Lost

All my life has been planned out for me. School, social life, morals, everything seemed to fit into place how it should be. A prime example of someone who has all her priorities straight and knows everything shes doing would be well, me. I seem to always be in control of what im doing even if it is a bit reckless, i can get away with murder.because i would know how. Quick on my feet ... thats just the way it is for me. but... when it comes to loving you... its very hard for me to control. Because i love you in so many ways imaginable that theyre expanding my heart across my eyes, in a thin layer enough for me not to be blind. I know that sounds far fetched but its true. As i said, i feel older, more mature and much more aware of you AND of what you are doing. So therefore i will not let a mistake i once made happen again. i am not blind in love, i notice everything and i love that. its as if you want me to see, as if youre protecting me while still loving me. youre amazing. I want you so badly, its tempting me to leave everything behind, but then there you are secretly reminding me to open my eyes and stay on my feet. you are the only one who can keep me tied down and in love at the same time. I show you a side of me that ive never ever shown anybody, it means a lot to me that i share it with you, because youre someone i trust in completly.

We mesh so well its sickening. I feel so at ease being with you, being next to you or in your arms. by your side is one of my favorite places to be... i want to stand there and support you. And aslong as im yours, i will forever be proud because youre worth fighting for. I believe no rumour and dont even need to ask you about them, because i believe in something so much more... and thats you. baby im crazy in love with you...


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