Monday, September 13, 2010

Summing up Summer

Oh how time flies when we`re having fun- or should i say THEY. This summer, i took care of 15 kids 5 days a week all day :) Headache? Sure. Fun? Sure. Tan? FOR SURE. Do i regret it? Never. This summer, i learned a lot about myself, about the type of woman i wanna be. This was my first real job. I've grown up with these people i now call my co-workers and let me just say, the kid you knew on the playground isnt AT ALL who you know in a workplace. People grow, people change and people arent who they necessarily come off as. I learned to be patient. I learned to be attentive. I learned to be proactive. So much... I was put in a million and one situations that i DEALT with, on a personal note & professional note. I fought, i cried, i laughed, i listened, i loved, i worried, i chose, i experienced, i grew. It's as if i observed myself this summer, what a great job i was doing (and i do congratulate myself, thank you very much) and i loved myself. I LOVED MYSELF. And although that sounds a little on the selfish, conceited and narcissistic side i am so proud of what i've done this summer. Sure, i hadn't really spent time places that maybe i should have but I was discovering things and aspects of ME that i had no idea i possessed before. All my life i've been a flower. Perfect tending & space to grow. This summer, i blossomed. And i dont care if im not the prettiest one in the garden, I like me. I love me. And i love whatim becoming. It's just the beginning.

Atm, i am in school. Last year! Moving on to a new stage of my life soon. I can hardly wait! This year will be tough with physics & chemistry but i plan on rocking it. So, let this be my prayer..haha As summer fades, winter creeps in. Awaiting that first snowflake :)



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