Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hey young world it's your girl Dj Razor Rae

Michael Jackson media everywhere you go. Puddles on the floor. Sunny rays during the daytime. AC on. Nail polish finally brings out my tan. The Big Apple in 23 days exactly :) Emailing AK for the plans. Mr.Big haunts me. D's end of year sleepover was a blast. Arguments at the dinner table about Luck vs Destiny (it's always religion vs science here...) Arguments about faith. Wishing Sex and the city still played. Mom comes in every once in a while to tell me i better clean my room. Dad made dinner - shocker. Dad got canoli's for dessert :) Dad's dinner wasn't half bad. Camp duty tomorrow at 8:45. Really pissed that the Honey dvd isn't working. Thunder and Lightning outside my window. Handyman died this week.. R.I.P. Family picnik this weekend! PRAYING FOR GOOD WEATHER. Can't wait until hockey season. Wanting to watch T.V. Dad is hogging the tv for video games. Dad is 52. No on is online. Have to fix captions under fb pics. Boring entry. Sorry for reading. Thanks if you did. Comment if you did. Have a great summer. God Bless.


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