Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cosmo anyone?

Searching in a hay stack trying to find the back of an earring is hard...
Trying to find yourself in battlefield of fake people is even harder.
I walk home everyday wondering what kind of person i am. Ghetto Chic? Boho? Fashonista? Sporty Wear? Glamorous? Rocker?
Two days ago I was the biggest bitch and insulted everything i saw.
Yesterday I was your typical Mother Teresa and helped absolutely everyone.
Today I was studious and a mother around the house, i almost felt as if i were in University.
Tomorrow I'll be concentrated and kind? I have no idea. Who am i? There are so many genres and stereotypes to chose from. Is it possible to find the "you" in such a variety of "you"s?
I guess by typing all of this, the conclusion must be that i am many types of choices put into one. I can make up my own facts about me and not listen to some magazine who says the same to everyone. I am a kind, warm and generous person with a rough edge. I don't let anyone instigate me or get in the way of my goals. I am determined at whatever i do... Yeah. Suck on that CosmoGirl...


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