Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ring the Alarm_*

If it were us against the world i know that you would bail
If I were a boy, i know i wouldn't fail

If i had One Wish it'd be that you become a better guy
Not one that plays with girls and then decides to Fly

There was a point in life where i could see us last Forever
And I used to tell the world aloud that We Belong Together

But now the world is laughing, because they saw me Cry
I never thought i'd live to say The Pimp in me just died

I feel like yelling out that there's Something you forgot
But you're just playing with the girls telling your boys The Block is Hot

I remember when you would say that my Tshirt fit you well
And now i just hear the same words spoken by Shontelle

Certains things a girl would miss like when you would Phone Home
Or the simple trips you promised to Paris Tokyo & Rome

Maybe you can't show it, but i can see your Love Lockdown
Not only do i want you Outta my system, but i want you outta town.

But i see Behind Those Hazel Eyes and i know that there is fear
Because you see me in the Spotlight whenever he is near.

You can say that what you have is like a Brand New nike shoe
But Imma tell you baby boy, you are just being Chopped & Screwed...

Signed, Miss Independent

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