Monday, December 15, 2008

The story Rachel told me.

Rachel’s Story

"As she walked across the snow,
the snowflakes fell in little puffs.
He insisted to let go,
of the bag packed with his stuff.

They joked along the way,
cracked a smile and set the pace.
They've all be longing for this day;
it showed anxiety in his face.

The place was huge just like a bird,
it possessed so many wings.
Not a single sound was heard,
Just the clash of both their rings.

Her inspirations stormed ahead,
and took a stop right at the desk.
The nurse then led her daddy to his bed,
in the room all like the rest.

A TV was set up high,
and the phone had no more dial.
He let out mournful a sigh,
cause' he would be there for a while.

Rachel sat beside her father,
and her mom was right in front.
The two kept looking at their daughter,
As if she did something they'd want.

"What's so funny?!" Rachel asked in denial,
as her motivations stared.
"You and your mom have the same profile"
Her father suddenly declared.

Rachel stretched out for her purse;
in there she bought her dad a gift.
It wasn’t something too diverse,
but his head began to lift.

A photo of their trip to tropics

Was the reason for the glare?

He said it’d cleanse him from the topics

And ease recovering while he was there.

A smile was drawn across his jaw,
and a kiss put on her head.
He was in a shock of awe,
and placed it right next to his bed.

The nurse came in & brought a kit,
Needles, tubes and shiny gadgets
He felt so dizzy when he saw it,
like at the sight of big fat maggots.

She told me all the details;
she expressed the big red sea.
The one that flew out of his veins,
something you'd never want to see.

Rachel eyes were not on that,
Rachel eyes were on her dad.
The red gushed out onto the mat;
she wished it wouldn't be this bad.

It's the ultimate worst thing,
to see the one you love in pain.
To her, her dad meant everything,
to see him suffer she couldn’t sustain.

A thump had sunken in her gut,

And the worries pounded hard.

He was imprisoned like a mutt,

Waiting for his angel to be his guard,

She prayed to God that he’d bestow,

Something to ease her father’s pain.

Not only his but all their woe,

As the nurse pierced through the vein.

It might be a tad out-done,
how Rachel freaked over a prick
But it's the fact he'd just begun
to taste the pain- or just a lick.

A while went on and he grew hungry,
so she left to get him food.
By the time that she came back,
He wasn't even in the mood.

The first I.V was over and done,
and they thought it'd be the end.
Her grandma clutched onto her son,
because the nurse was back again.

Despite his ego she could notice,
that her dad began to tear.
How the hell could she get through this,
the end was not even that near?

She was told by many hearts,

That the surgery'd be fine.

They wouldn’t take out many parts

But it would take a deal of time.

They found out shortly after,
that the nurse pierced the wrong vein.
Her father then burst out in laughter
because he thought she was insane.

Rachel knew she was completely wrong,
is putting in a 20.
It was an 18 that was to belong,
and not a couple more too many.

This time she had to take a walk,
and then stopped and took a seat.
She said she couldn't even talk,
because she saw her father beat.

That night was the hardest of her life,
to say goodnight to her dear dad.
The hug had cut her like a knife,
her dad was tired and yet sad.

She couldn't look him in the eye,
because he'd see poor Rachel weak.
So she said her last goodbye,
and then kissed him on the cheek.

Her mom was strong and held her close,
comforted her and left the wing.
She really missed her husband most,
and kept looking at her ring.

Rachel prayed when she awoke

And she believed before she slept,

To be true and not provoke

Her little heart and soul that wept.

It would take a lot of her

To journey to her core and more.

To realize that we all suffer,

And that’s the reason we’re here for.

Next day her mom was out and gone,
took a shower, put on some clothes.
At the hospital at dawn,
to see her husband before he goes.

At 3 a call was rung and the girl picked up the line.
Her mother said it was a success
and her father would be fine.

After months of heavy stress,
her father now could start off new.
He was so unique from the rest,
she knew both him and her would make it through..."

I love you daddy

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